Laravel Starter Git Repository

We created a simple but powerful Laravel Starter Project

One of the technologies we love at Byte&Code is the PHP Laravel Framework. It’s a super straight-forward MVC framework that just works. And it has a growing community that develops several wonderful packages.

In this post we want to report on a git repository we created at GitHub that houses a simple starter project for Laravel. Over time we noticed that some of the tasks we did for each Laravel project were the same, so to eliminate those steps this repository comes with some presets.

Assets Stuff

We tend to use Twitter Bootstrap for our CSS framework, or jQuery for a base JS library, so we need to integrate it with Laravel, so the first thing we did was find a good asset management package. We settled on CodeSleeve’s Asset-Pipeline.

This package is super easy to use, but powerful non the less. For a simple site development we basically need a place to put our assets and have them referenced on the templates (Blade since we’re using Laravel). And this package does this and adds a nice concat and minify option by default.

If you clone our repository you should have an assets folder under app, and under this there’s three important folders: images, javascripts and stylesheets. Their pretty much self explanatory, but we wanted to refer to the special application.css and application.js files. These files define what we want to import for our project. Bootstrap and Jquery are already imported, as well as the style.css and script.js files.


Most of our projects need some sort of authentication mechanism, for this we choose Catarlyst’s Sentry 2. Again it’s already defined on the composer.json file, so when you run composer update it gets installed. All you need to do is run the artisan command for the migrations.

Final Thoughts

This is a first release of this starter “kit” so we need you input on how to make it better. Please leave your comment to help us grow this repository.

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