Using MacOS For Bleeding Edge Web Development – Post 1

Anyone paying the least amount of attention these days to the web development world as surely noticed that we are living in exiting times. The amount, and quality, of the tools of the trade today is completely different from what we had only 2 years ago.

We at Byte&Code are proud to say that we spare no efforts to be at the forefront of this new world, and we would like to help everyone to do the same. That is the purpose of the series of posts that starts with this one. We’ll dive into the new frameworks and tools to give you the much need liftoff boost in using them.

Currently we believe that the MacOS system is far better suited to web development that any other (even with the lack of IE for testing), and so we’ll focus on this system. There are going to be tools that only make sense on a Mac, but still we encourage anyone with a Windows or Linux system to use these new frameworks, even if we don’t specifically provide the info.

Now, with that out of the way let’s begin by explaining the core elements of this new wave.

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Laravel Starter Git Repository

We created a simple but powerful Laravel Starter Project

One of the technologies we love at Byte&Code is the PHP Laravel Framework. It’s a super straight-forward MVC framework that just works. And it has a growing community that develops several wonderful packages.

In this post we want to report on a git repository we created at GitHub that houses a simple starter project for Laravel. Over time we noticed that some of the tasks we did for each Laravel project were the same, so to eliminate those steps this repository comes with some presets.
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To inaugurate this space we would like to tell you a bit about us.


Byte&Code is a group of 3 software developers that got together to create stuff. We mainly work on 2 areas: web development and mobile development.

We do commission work for clients, as you can see in our website. But we also work on producing our own ideas. Currently we’re working on a Laravel package to help generate REST APIs using Laravel.


This place will allow us to share some of our insight with the world, and hopefully help fill the web with useful content.

Check back soon to see what we’re up to.